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The interplanetary invaders have decided to attack our planet by the sea. You have to defend the earth of this plague. The aquatic base has three powerful torpedo ejectors (use keys 1-2-3) that will serve to destroy the alien submarines. Prevent the alien mothership of destroying the earth. Caution!

This game is a remake of a Sinclair BASIC listing published in a Portuguese magazine from the eighties. The original program was rewritten for Boriel's ZX Basic, in order to be faster than the original and then added some tweaks to the gameplay, such as the possibility of destroying the mothership. 

You can download the emulator .tap file. The rewritten source code is also available. 

The original program and more information about it can be obtained from here.

1 - Fire first ejector   /   2 - Fire second ejector   /   3 - Fire third ejector

Install instructions

You can play this game on a real ZX Spectrum or on your modern PC using any good emulator (such as Fuse, ZX Spin or Retro Virtual Machine).


InvasoresAquaticos.2.0.tap - TAP emulator file 7 kB
InvasoresAquaticos.2.0.bas - Source code 6 kB

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