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Guide your Light Cycle against the enemy cycle controlled by the ZX Spectrum.

This very simple Tron clone is from a programming article about Sinclair BASIC, published in issue 3 of Espectro, the Luso-Brazilian magazine of ZX Spectrum.

You can download the emulator .tap file. The source code is also available, you can open it with BasinC emulator (nice tool for Sinclair BASIC programming).

More information can be obtained from here.

Controls: q - Up   /   a - Down   /   o - Left   /   p - Right

Install instructions

You can play this game on a real ZX Spectrum or on your modern PC using any good emulator (such as Fuse, ZX Spin or Retro Virtual Machine).


ESPECTRON.tap - TAP emulator file 2 kB
ESPECTRON.bas - Source code 3 kB

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